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Let me ask you something. How would your life change if ...

  • You had zero approach anxiety or fear of approaching women ...

  • You could start natural conversations with women anywhere ...

  • You knew exactly what to say to keep the conversation going ...

  • You could easily make her laugh and feel attraction for you ...

  • You knew an effortless way to get her phone number every time ...

How many women would you date - if you were a man who could do all of the above?
What if I gave you a step-by-step blueprint for becoming that man within 30 days?

Sound impossible? I'm sure it does. Especially if you've visited other websites that made similar bold claims like "sleep with super-hot women tonight" or "pickup beautiful women in 2 minutes!".

C'mon, Give Me A Freakin Break!

You're sick of all the hype and bold claims used by dating "gurus" in their emails and websites. You're tired of buying products with the same-old boring theories and techniques inside them.

If you're like most guys, then you've read The Game and other dating products. You get email newsletters from the dating gurus promoting their latest overpriced product. You've heard all the same-old theories about using "openers" and "routines" to meet women.

I'm here to tell you ...

How To Meet Women Anywhere
Without Pickup Lines Or Tricks ...

You don't want to be a pickup artist.

Being a pickup artist means using trickery to meet women. And women can sense immediately when you are not being genuine and honest with her.

You want to be a more confident around women. You want to approach women without fear. You want to start conversations naturally. You want to attract women with your real personality and self.

All without pickup lines, "openers" or canned routines.

The game has changed. Pickup artists are being exposed everywhere. Women are catching on to the tricks, games and lies used by the "seduction community". It's time for a change (finally!).

Keep reading ... because in a moment you're going to discover a totally new and NATURAL way to approach and attract women in any situation. You're going to love this :-)

But first, allow me to briefly explain my story ...

How I Went From "Computer Geek"
To Dates With Hot Women Every Week!

My name is Alex Coulson.

I used to be terrified of approaching women.

The thought of walking over to a beautiful woman and introducing myself would cause my heart to race and my hands to sweat. That was just thinking about it!

I had literally NO idea how to talk to women.

I used to watch women walk past me in the street and think "man, she's hot! If only I had the balls to approach her!" But I never did anything. I would walk away wondering "what could have been" and beat myself up for not having the GUTS to approach her. Can you relate to that? 

One day, I began searching the internet for "how to get a girlfriend" information. I quickly stumbled upon the "seduction community" and discovered the many dating coaches, products and workshops. And within a few months ...

I Bought Every Dating Product
I Could Get My Hands On!

I read "The Game" by Neil Strauss.

I attended your dating seminar.

I spent a small fortune buying and reading every single dating product I could find.

And you know what? I DID learn many "theories" about women and dating ... but despite all of this knowledge, I still felt a paralysing fear every time I wanted to approach a woman.

After two years of struggling and getting nowhere ... I finally met some guys who would help me. They were some friends who were really confident and charismatic around women.

I began watching these guys in action. I watched them approach and talk to women. And finally, after a few months, everything clicked. Everything made sense BECAUSE I saw what worked in the real world ... not from reading some book!

I began copying these "naturals" behaviors ... what they said and did around women ... until I started getting the same results ... more dates and phone numbers than I could handle!

So Good At Meeting Women -
I Was Featured On The News!

I could approach women without fear, start a natural conversation, make her laugh, and walk away with her phone number. I couldn't believe how easy it was!

Suddenly, everything changed!

One day I was hanging out with a friend who was carrying a video camera. We saw two hot women at a coffee shop and he dared me to approach them ... while he secretly filmed everything.

I walked away with phone numbers and a date ... and later, we uploaded the video online. I didn't realize at the time, but I was the first person in the world to put a real pickup video on the internet.

Amazingly, within a short time over  4 million people watched my videos, and left hundreds of positive comments. I was blown away!

Suddenly, channel seven news contacted me. They had seen my videos and wanted to know if I was the "real deal" or not. They gave me 1 hour to coach 3 random guys on how to meet women. Then, we all went to a night club, where they filmed us as we approached women.

Did my advice work? Well, all 3 guys walked away with phone numbers! Here is the footage ...

After being featured on TV,  my inbox was flooded with hundreds of emails from guys. The most common questions I received were ...

  • How can I overcome my fear of approaching women once and for all?

  • What's the best conversation starter for meeting women at ... the cafe, supermarket, bookstore, bars and clubs, university, etc ...

  • What can I say to make women laugh and enjoy being around me?

  • How do I keep the conversation going?

  • How do I make women feel attracted to me? I'm NOT handsome, young, wealthy or even social.

Instead of answering EVERY question over email (which would take forever) I decided the best way to help everyone was to answer the most common questions on video and audio.

But then I realized something. I don't know everything. And so I got in touch with some of the worlds most successful and experienced dating coaches. After months of begging and pleading, one by one they agree for me to interview them on audio and video.

And finally, after 2 long years, I'm proud to introduce to the world ...

Conversation Master Class

The NATURAL System Any Man Can Use To Approach
And Talk To Women In Any Situation ...

Conversation Master Class is a two-part multi-media training program. The first part "Conversation Foundations" is where you learn the fundamentals of approaching and talking to women.

The second part "Conversation Blueprint" is where several dating coaches walk you through their own step-by-step system for approaching, meeting and closing attractive women.

Conversation Foundations

"Conversation Foundations" is a 6 part audio series where we provide in-depth answers to the most common questions guys have about approaching women and starting conversations.

Each audio module is about 60 minutes long and we cover, in detail, everything you need to know about the specific topic. Once you listen to these audio modules, you'll never feel stuck or miss another opportunity with women because you'll know exactly what to do in these situations.

  • Overcoming Approach Anxiety
  • Starting Conversations Anywhere
  • Keeping The Conversation Going
  • Making Women Laugh
  • Natural Game Conversations

Have you ever spotted a beautiful women in a specific situation (like the cafe or street) and thought "I'd love to meet her" but had no idea what to say? Have you ever wanted to talk to a woman but were worried about sounding "creepy" or being rejected in front of everyone and feeling embarrassed?

Imagine knowing exactly word-for-word what to say to start a conversation with beautiful women in dozens of situations without rejection!

In this two hour audio recording we reveal 27 of our favorite word-for-word conversation starters that work for meeting women in ...

Bars and Clubs Bookstore
The Street Waiting in ANY line
Supermarket The Library
Blockbuster (video store) Clothing Store
Colleges or Universities Seminars or Work Functions
Public Transport (train or bus) The Park
Waitresses House Parties
Music Concerts Plus many more!
That's right! Learn specific, proven-to-work conversation starters for meeting women
in dozens of popular situations. Never say "I don't know what to say" again!
Listen as we share many real-life "success stories" of how we used these conversation starters to get dates and phone numbers from women ... at the cafe, on the street, at the park, and many other places!
Discover 3 simple steps for eliminating your fear of approaching women so you can start meeting and getting dates with hot women everywhere!
How to have a fun and interesting conversation with a woman you've just met. Plus how to avoid "awkward silences" and keep the conversation going!
Listen as we share our favorite ways to make women laugh and enjoy your company with a huge collection of funny comments you can STEAL.
Plus much, much more!

In this 60 minute audio, I interview Sean from Pickup101, a man who has approached THOUSANDS of women in the last 10 years, as is one of the most experienced  and dating coaches in the world..

Sean has helped hundreds of men overcome their fear of approaching attractive women, through his interactive, live workshops.

And in this intense audio Sean reveals many techniques and exercises you can use to destroy your approach anxiety ... so you can meet women, today!


A proven, step-by-step exercise you can use to eliminate your fear of approaching women ... right now!
How to easily meet 5 HOT women in 1 hour with a fun game you can play with a friend during the day time (you'll love this!)
The real reason 95% of men are terrified of approaching women (it's not what you're thinking) and how you can overcome this unnecessary FEAR.
Sean's favorite conversation starter any guy can use to meet dozens of attractive women in any situation .... starting today.
Jedi MIND TRICKS you can use to force yourself to approach really hot women ... even if you're terrified and have never done it before!
Plus much, much more!

DJ is one of the worlds leading experts on the topic of storytelling. His storytelling seminar costs $1,000 per person and is often SOLD out months in advance. DJ teaches guys like you, how to quickly, easily and painlessly create and tell your own "personal stories" to make women feel attracted to you.

In this 60 minute audio you'll discover ...


A simple, step-by-step formula for creating your own attraction story in 60 
minutes or less!
The top 5 personality traits women find attractive in men - and how to convey these traits in YOUR own stories - without bragging.
When and how to "naturally" introduce your story into any conversation.
Why telling someone else's story is a big mistake (women can sense when  you are not being 'authentic' and may lose attraction for you).
How to use storytelling to have fun and exciting conversations that LAST 
(and avoid awkward silences that often kill attraction).
Listen to DJ, a masterful storyteller telling one of his attraction stories ... and then listen to Jack dissects the story and explain why it's so powerful.
Plus much, much more!


Women are attracted to men who can make them laugh. How many times have you heard a woman list "sense of humour" as one of the qualities she is looking for in man? This audio program is NOT about being funny.

This audio is about teaching you how to use a magical mix of humour and arrogance to make women laugh and feel attracted to you.

In this 60 minute audio you'll discover SPECIFIC word-for-word cocky comedy phrases and banter lines, plus so much more.

In this 60 minute audio you'll discover ...


34 sure-fire banter and cocky comedy phrases you can use  to make women laugh in dozens of everyday situations (waiting in line, ordering a drink, being asked a question, etc)
How to turn everyday encounters with female employees ... waitresses, barmaids, shop assistants ... into HILARIOUS encounters ... where they'll remember you next time!
Discover 4 powerful cocky comedy attitudes proven to make women laugh and build attraction at the same time (hint: accuse her of trying to hit on you) 
Plus you'll learn the right way to deliver each banter line and cocky comedy phrase (because it's not what you say but how you say it!) so women respond with laughter and not weird looks!
What to say if a woman responds negatively to your attempt at humor ... and
continue the conversation without the situation turning UGLY.
Plus much, much more!

Sinn is one of the most successful pickup artists on the planet. Sinn was featured in "The Game" as Mystery's original wingman, and has taught thousands of men how to succeed with women through his intensive dating boot camps.

Sinn is also a "day game" specialist. And in this video, Sinn reveals his complete step-by-step system any man can use to approach, meet and attract women in any day time situation. In this video you'll discover:

In this 60 minute video you'll discover ...

How to use Sinn's "light switch" mentality to overcome approach anxiety
How to develop the habit of always approaching attractive women .. even if
you're fearful and don't know what to say ...

Sinn's 4 favorite places to meet women in the day time ... plus the best times
to visit these places to ensure the maximum amount of women are there.

Why it's much easier to pickup a woman at a coffee shop than in other day time situations ... like on the street or at a bookstore (strange but true!)
How to meet women at the grocery store or supermarket.
Discover Sinn's most successful conversation starter for meeting women during the day ... he even spells it out for you, word-for-word!
What works better in the day time? "Direct or indirect" conversation starters?
The answer may surprise you ...
Discover the best way to continue the conversation with women you meet
in the day time ... most men have no clue and women get bored and walk away.
Plus much, much more!

Dan Bacon is the founder of a Australian dating company that specializes in teaching men how to succeed with women with "natural game" methods. Dan's philosophy is that any man can meet more women and have more success - by being authentic, natural and real. Dan has taught countless men through his live in-field boot camps, seminar's and has been featured on several TV news programs.

In this 60 minute audio you'll discover ...



How to attract women and make them chase you ... easy once you learn Dan's step-by-step secrets for developing your own attractive personality. 
DANGEROUS: Why using "techniques" to pick up super attractive women neverworks ... Dan shares a much more effective method ... for attracting really HOT women.
Discover a proven word-for-word "natural" conversation starter for approaching women at night time ... use this and you'll almost never experience rejection!
How to use "active listening" to keep the conversation going with any woman you meet ... you'll come up with interesting things to say without trying to!
Dan shares many "in field" stories of personal failures and successes with approaching, meeting and seducing women ... you'll learn what works and what doesn't!
Plus much, much more!

Carlo's teachings are called "REAL GAME" because he shows you how to use your genuine personality to attract the opposite sex and enhance your entire lifestyle. In this audio Carlos teaches us his best techniques and methods for approaching women and starting conversations.

Here's what you'll learn from this 60 minute audio ...

How to use any situation (like coffee shops, bars, bookstores, etc) to come up with interesting things to talk about with women (see 9:12)
Discover the difference between "direct and indirect" methods of approaching women ... and learn which one builds attraction much faster! (see 12:48)
Learn Carlo's favorite conversation starter for meeting women in bars and clubs ... any man can use this low-risk method to meet hot women ... without ever being rejected! (see 14:03)
A great way to meet women in any clothing store and start an interesting conversation ... without using pickup lines (see 17:05)
Discover the BEST place to meet women ... a place where women are more relaxed and approachable than any other environment (see 26:32)
How to walk out of your house right now and start meeting attractive women on the street ... an easy, conversation starter, no pickup lines (see 28:47)
Plus much, much more!

Conversation Blueprints

"Conversation Blueprints" is a series of video interviews with some of the worlds most experienced and knowledgeable dating coaches. These experts include ...

  • Sinn from The Game

  • Alex Coulson (me)

  • Sweater from The Game

  • Nige 54

  • Asian Playboy

In each video we persuade these experts to reveal their exact system for approaching, meeting, attracting and closing women in the real world. They share their best techniques and methods in step-by-step detail. These experts even share personal stories and "field reports" so you really get the big picture of how to approach and attract women.

In each 60 minute video we ask questions like ...

  • What's the best way to quickly overcome approach anxiety?

  • What are your favorite, proven conversation starters for the day and night time?

  • What's the best way to keep the conversation going with women?

  • How can you make women feel attraction for you?

If you're like most men wanting to become more successful with women, then you've probably read the book "The Game" by Neil Strauss. In the book, Neil mentions traveling to Australia to hang out with a businessman named Peter aka "Sweater" - one of the most successful pickup artists he's ever met.

Sweater is a close friend of mine. And the only 51 year old I know, who regularly gets dates with women who are half his age! (yes 25 and even 20 year old women) And the best part? He meets most of these women while walking the streets, doing some shopping, and while visiting the bookstore.

In this 60 minute video Peter reveals exactly what he does to meet younger women in the day time .. from starting conversations, sparking attraction, to getting dates and more.

Peter's favorite conversation starter for meeting hot, young women in the street, shopping mall, and other day time places (you can do this too!)
How to meet and talk to hot women even if she has a boyfriend ... without getting into trouble
Peter's biggest secret for guys who want to "get good" at approaching women, starting today!
How to turn a boring conversation with women into a sexual and playful conversation that builds attraction and leaves her wanting more
Specific, word-for-word phrases you can use to spark attraction and make women interested in you.
How to become the type of guy who is funny, interesting and playful with women ALL the time (instead of only "faking it" when you see a beautiful woman).
Plus much, much more!

In this video, I sit down with my good friend Jack, and reveal the exact, step-by-step "blueprint" I regularly use to approach women, start conversations and build attraction with women in the "day time". 

You'll get to watch me "spill the beans" and reveal exactly what I say and do to meet women in everyday situations, and easily get phone numbers and dates and more :-)

In this 60 minute video you'll discover ... 

Discover the 3 biggest obstacles that stop 95% of men from approaching women ... learn how to overcome these and meet women today!
Exactly what to say to meet women (even groups of women) at Starbucks or any coffee shop without ever using pickup lines.
The BIG mistake most men make when talking to women that KILLS any attraction she feels for you (if a woman has ever "gone cold" then its probably because you did this).
The exact word-for-word conversation starter you can use to meet women on the street (Alex and his students have used this to meet countless women, so can you)
How to never run out of things to say when talking to hot women ... and avoid awkward silences forever.
Plus much, much more!

In this interview, we sit down with not one but TWO of the most successful Asian dating coaches in the business. Asian Playboy and Kevin Feng.

Asian Playboy, is the number one Asian in the world, founder of the famed ABCs of attraction- one of the longest running and successful pick up companies in the business.

Kevin Feng was featured on the world-famous "The Pickup Artist" TV show and personally trained by Mystery and Matador, as he competed in several "pickup contests" with real women on live TV. After leaving the show, Kevin sought guidance from Asian Playboy, became an instructor with his company. He has helped men of all races, become successful with women and dating.

In this 60 minute audio you'll discover ...

How to meet 10 women in a bar without using a single pickup line (Asian Playboy reveals his word for word natural approach that works like magic! 
Why a popular conversation starter recommended in "The Game" by Neil Strauss almost never works for Asian guy's ... discover one that is 10 times more effective!
Asian Playboy reveals how Asian guys can overcome their limiting beliefs that are stopping them from dating drop-dead gorgeous women of all races!
Asian Playboy reveals his step-by-step plan any guy can use to start meeting and dating incredible women!
After being featured on "The Pickup Artist" TV show and approaching hundreds of women, Kevin reveals the biggest mistake guys make with pickup and how you can avoid it 
Asian Playboy's favorite conversation starter for meeting hot women in bars 
and clubs (you can use this 5 word phrase to meet women now
Plus much, much more!

Nige is one of Australia's top dating experts and has appeared on stage with famous pickup artists like Mystery, Neil Strauss and others. Nige is the author of the best-selling book "around the world in 80 babes" and has been featured in Cosmopolitan magazine and several national TV programs. 

In this revealing 60 minute video interview, Nige shares his step-by-step "blue print" for approaching women, starting conversations and building attraction.

In this 60 minute video you'll discover ...

How to use ANY situation you're in to start conversations with women naturally (always know what to say to meet women, even at moments notice)
How to overcome the common challenges during conversations with women ...
like her "jealous friend" and if she says "I've got a boyfriend" plus more.

Exactly what Nige said to a "perfect 10" at a restaurant to meet her, get her number and set up a date for later that night. And how you can do this too.
Ever had a "mental blank" with women? Here's Nige's secret for never running out of things to say around women (avoid awkward silences forever).
How to avoid the boring "how was your day?" type questions that kill attraction ... and discover more interesting things to talk about instead.
The single biggest mistake men make when approaching women and
how to avoid it.

Plus much, much more!

But Wait! 
"How Is This Different To Other
Dating Products?"

This is unlike any other "how to succeed with women" product you've seen before
(trust me, I've seen them all).

Here's what this product is NOT:

NO boring theories from some polished speaker on stage.
NO silly pickup lines that every woman knows about from The Game
NONE of the same rehashed advice found in most dating products online.
NO magic tricks, "peacocking"  silly outfits, or black fingernails
NO pretending to be someone you're not, using canned routines or fake stories

This is NOT some audio program where a some "guru" babbles on for hours about boring theories and psychology. And never provides you with practical, step-by-step instructions on how to approach and talk to women in the REAL world.

Here's what this product IS:

A complete "Conversation Blueprint" on how to talk to women. You'll learn exactly how to approach women, start conversations, and build attraction. 

  • Naturally start conversations with women in any situation
  • Destroy your Approach Anxiety and meet women without fear
  • Strategies for keeping the conversation going with women
  • Proven techniques for making women feel attraction for YOU

FREE Bonus Products Valued At $181.00

Due to a special promotion I'm doing, I'm going to give you four bonus products, a total value of $181.00 absolutely free! That's right, when you order "Conversation Master Class" today, you get.

Free Bonus #1

Day Game Seminar - $57

In 2010 I held a “Day Game” seminar in Sydney. During this event, I revealed my complete system for meeting and attracting women in broad daylight. What’s more, I answered some of the most common questions about meeting and getting dates with women in the day. You’ll discover:

How to overcome approach anxiety and the fear of rejection
Proven conversation starters that really work in the day time
Natural strategies for keeping the conversation going
A sure-fire way to get a woman’s phone number in the day
Discover when to first call and text a woman you just met
Plus much, much more …


Free Bonus #2

Asian Playboy Secrets - $37

Asian Playboy has coached over 500 men from every nationality and background on how to approach and attract women through his intensive workshops. In this rare interview Alex gets Asian Playboy to reveal his most effective techniques and secrets for:

Approaching women without fear of rejection
Specific openers that work for starting conversations
Proven techniques for building attraction with beautiful women everywhere
How to get solid phone numbers easily
Plus much, much more …



Free Bonus #3

Day Game System - $50

In this video, Richard Laruina (aka Gambler) and I share personal stories, techniques and step-by-step advice on meeting women during the day.

For a full 40 minutes, we cover our best tips on how any man can start approaching and attracting women in any day time situation (at the café, on the street, at the shopping mall) – basically anywhere.

This is one of my favorite videos because we cover literally everything you need to know to start getting dates with women in the day time – today!


Free Bonus #4

One Night Stands - $37

Sinn was featured in “The Game” by Neil Strauss. He was also Mystery’s close friend and wingman for several years. And in this revealing interview, Sinn explains his step-by-step method for getting one-night stands. You’ll discover:

How to spot women at a bar or club who are open to a one night stand
Sinn’s favorite conversation starters for meeting women at night
How to make the conversation sexual without creeping women out
How to “test” and find out if a woman wants to sleep with you
A sure-fire way to get women to go home with you THAT night
Plus much, much more …



Free Bonus #5

Internet Dating Blueprint

Dave M is a self-confessed "computer nerd" who has gone on 398 dates with beautiful women in the last 4 years. And he did it all on auto-pilot, without ever having to approach a single women. How did he do it? Through a tried-and-tested online dating system.

Sound too good to be true? I understand. Especially, if like most guys, you’ve tried online dating and gotten zero responses from women. Dave’s internet dating system is completely different to anything you’ve seen or tried before.

Dave has literally hundreds of “success stories” of guys from different nationalities, age groups, and appearances who have gotten girlfriends, countless dates with attractive women and success, after applying his easy, step-by-step system. And in this video, you’ll discover …

The 2 BEST online dating sites to use to meet thousands of HOT women who are interested in meeting someone right now (not scam sites)
How to setup your profile the right way … what to write about yourself, the best kind of photo touse, and how to avoid mistakes most guys make.
The kind of photo you should never use in your profile … however you’ll be shocked at how many guys are using it right now.
Exactly what to write when you first contact a woman … so she opens YOUR email out of the hundreds that are in her inbox.
How to stand out from all the other guys who are emailing her (listen, on these sites, beautiful women get 100’s of emails per day. If you don’t stand out, then you’ve got no chance of ever hearing back from her).
Discover the single best place to meet women for your first date (it’s not a coffee shop) so she can relax and have fun (where you can leave, if you need to).
Plus much, much more

Special Discount For Next 100 Guys ONLY

For the past year, Conversation Master Class has sold for $297.00. And many guys from all over the world have happily purchased the program at this price.

However, due to a marketing test I am doing, I have decided to lower the price to $97. But be warned, once this test has run it's course, I plan on putting the price back up to $297.

So if you return to this page tomorrow, and the price has gone back up, then please don't email me and ask for the special discounted price of $97. You've been warned. If you're serious about becoming a "conversation master" with women, then I urge you to signup today.

Money Back Guarantee

I'm SO sure that you'll be thrilled with the "Conversation Master Class"  training program that I'm going to guarantee your satisfaction 100%That's right ...

You can "test drive" Conversation Master Class for a FULL 30 days totally risk-free. Here's how it works: Become a member today. Watch the revealing interviews with the worlds leading dating coaches. Then head out and get phone numbers and dates from the most attractive women you see.

If for some reason, or no reason at all, you're not 100% satisfied, simply email us and I will send you a full refund. No questions asked!

Who Should Get This Program?

  • Any guy who says "I don't know what to say" instead of approaching women. 

  • Any guy who experiences "approach anxiety" or allows the fear of rejection to
    stop him from talking to women he is attracted to. 

  • Any guy who struggles to keep the conversation going with women.

  • Any guy who has read "The Game" and other dating books, but still has a
    hard time approaching and meeting women.

If you can relate to any of the above statements, then YOU need to get this program today. Don't let another opportunity to meet and connect with attractive women pass you by. Sign up for this program, and enjoy a life of confidence with women, starting today!

Here's What You're Getting ...

Conversation Master Class $297 $97

Module #1: 27 Proven Conversation Starters

Module #2: Destroy Your Approach Anxiety

Module #3: Storytelling Secrets – Keep The Conversation Going

Module #4: How To Make Women Laugh

Module #5: Creating Natural Conversations

Module #6: Approaching Women Made Easy

Interview #1: "Sinn" From The Game

Interview #2: "Sweater" From The Game

Interview #3: Alex Coulson and Jack

Interview #4: Asian Playboy Secrets

Interview #5: Nige 54

Bonus Product #1: Internet Dating

Bonus Product #2: Text and Phone Game Secrets

To Your Success With Women,

Alex Coulson
Succeed At Dating

PS.Still sceptical? I understand. That's why I'm giving you a RISK-FREE 30 Day
Money Back Guarantee.Where if you're not 100% satisfied, for any reason, you can contact me here and we will issue you a prompt and full refund. If you've read this far, then I know you're at least slightly interested. Why don't you take this program for a test drive today?

PPS.Trying to figure out how to talk to women, by yourself, is a losers game. You could spend years of your life, frustrated and without success. But why do that to yourself? I'm offering you a step-by-step blueprint for talking to women and knowing what to say in any situation.

Here are just a few samples of some of the interviews in the member’s area.




Some recent reviews from our customers…

“The interviews were great and very specific which is what I wanted. My biggest challenge was approaching women and starting conversations and I learned a ton from your program”

“In the last 5 years I had only approached 2 women (and they both work with me too) I had never really been into cold approaching women on the street. However as a result of the carlos xuma and the Sean interview on approaching he gave away a few easy exercises that helped me overcome some of my anxiety and walk up to women I don’t know”

“It is a very in-depth dating program that covers specific areas which is awesome. My issue is approach anxiety and how to get her attracted to me, I’ve always had this problem because of my looks, and my bad history at school. I rarely went out to bars or even the malls so I never got better (because I wasn’t practicing). Thanks Alex this was a breath of fresh air and has re-motivated me to get back into it again.”

“Great interviews that reveal good information. Highly recommended to guys wanting to take their approach and conversational skills to the next level.”

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